No Need Faq's

Our Mission?

Our mission at No Need is to provide orphaned children around the world with means of recreational therapy and opportunities for positive social development.


How do we plan on achieving our mission?

Coordinating various fundraisers to raise money in order to purchase musical instruments and sporting equipment to ship/deliver to orphanages we have reached out to or that have reached out to us.


How do we plan on fundraising our mission?

We aim to go about fundraising in ways that do not interrupt the flow of a person's day to day life.  Currently we have three primary methods for raising money from the public:

-conducting raffles where an individual can purchase a ticket for a chance to win prizes 

-collaborating with local businesses in the area to host fundraiser nights where portions of the proceeds are donated back into our organization

-pairing with AmazonSmile and advertising our code so a percentage of the individuals amazon purchase is donated to our organization


What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is a new branch of the popular shopping site amazon.com. Still connected to an individual's normal amazon account, they can now instead go to smile.amazon.com to make their purchase and enter a code that pairs with a nonprofit organization. Once the purchase is made, a portion of the total is then donated to the non profit organization.


What will we use the money donated for?

Funds raised from the general public will strictly be used for purchasing equipment for the children as well as aiding with shipping costs if the equipment is being shipped. Larger donations made by businesses or select individuals will go towards the same endeavors as well as aiding to fund trips for members of our organization to hand deliver the instruments, sporting equipment, and other items, to teach the children how to use them.



Will any funds raised go towards advertising for our organization?

Only if the donation was made specifically to help our organization advertise. We will handle the majority advertising through the members of our organization.


Why do we feel the need to travel overseas for our mission when there are children here in need of the same help?

Executive Coordinator Nathan Patel spent a large portion of his childhood growing up in Agra, India and has traveled to several other countries around the world. Having personally seen the difference of what poverty looks like in the United States in comparison to other countries, Nathan wanted to utilize No Need in order to help show the living conditions of these children overseas and what poverty is defined as to them. In addition, No Need is developing an entire sector dedicated to aiding children here in the United States. Near or far, the goal of No Need is to provide for children around the globe.



What separates us from other similar nonprofit organizations?

Within our main mission we hope to accomplish other things along the way.

1) We are not affiliated with any religious group and have no hidden views to push onto the people we help. We would like to show the world it doesn't matter how you personally spend your time or what you believe in, we can all come together to provide positive outlets to children who are in desperate need of them.

2) We chose to primarily collect musical instruments and sports equipment for a number of reasons but a large one being that they do not only serve as a positive outlet, they also help these children experience a sense of ownership over an item that they could potentially utilize for the rest of their lives.

3) One of the biggest pieces of our organization that we aim to incorporate more and more with each project is the idea of kids helping other kids. Whether it is by helping raise money, coming up with fundraiser ideas, or physically coming out to help us make a delivery, we heavily aim to encourage children to aid their fellow peers. 

Why are we called "No Need"?

Because there is no need for children around the globe to be suffering as much as they are. There are tons of issues out there. Helping these kids have a positive outlet to express themselves is only our first stop. As our organization grows we aim to tackle other issues as well. 

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